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WE022 3-Rocker bed

《Product Introduce 》:

* Product features*

Beam adopts 40 x 80 extra size, sturdy and durable.

(1) Body dimension
1. 2110mm (L) ×980 mm ±3% (W)
2. Bed height: 430~700mm±3%
3. Back tilt angle: 85 degrees, leg tilt angle: 40 degrees.

(2) Head and foot board
1. Head & foot board are solid formed by ABS engineering plastic.
2. Impact proof, un-fragile, artistic with wooden grain colored decoration skin in external, with rubber bumper around four edges.


(3) Bed sleeping board
1. 3-dimensional ABS formed sleeping board at 3.2mm in thickness.
2. Attached with restrain belt holes and large venting holes, anti-impact, water proof and easy cleaning.


(4) Main body, bed
1. Made of steel with powder coated, main side beams are squared cold rolled  steel tube in 40*80mm.
2. At least 6 inserts for intravenous drip rack locate at both sides of bed.


(5) Protection fence
1. Engineering plastic rocker switch in wooden grain color comes with bumper decoration strips.
2. Central column is a SUS tube with main rack in solid iron pole, sturdy and durable, safe from clipping hand.


(6) Transmission
1. 3 rockers to lift/ lower the bed level, tilting angles of back and leg separately.
2. Operating handle in extensible, hidden design


(7) Standard equipment
1. 2-section intravenous drip rack X 1
2. Extensible on-bed table X 1
3. Fully covered protection fence X 1
4. 5” dust-proof, anti-static braking casters.

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