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WE563-3Mobile nursing & medical treatment trolley

《Product Introduce 》:

‧Body dimension:L600×W495×H1000㎜±3%。 

‧Top plate: concave design, in ABS engineering plastic molding in one piece. 

‧Pull tab: powder coated with ball rail at the upper right of trolley. 

‧Support: in 50*50mm anodized Alu. Alloy, tough and durable. 

‧Side sealing plate: in ABS engineering plastic. 


‧3 drawers attached under the top panel: 

(1) Drawer height in 6”, with internal 3-step ball rail, can be opened in full. 

(2) Handel and panel are solid formed by engineering plastic with locker hidden inside. Name plate bracket attached in external for labeling unit and medicines.  

(3) Attached with separation card inside of drawer for free segregation of drugs etc. 


‧A glove compartment attached under the drawer: made of a solid formed engineering plastic. 

‧2 engineering plastic glove compartments are attached at the left side of trolley. 

‧2 plastic trash boxes with lids are attached at the lower left side of trolley. 

‧One needle collecting box rack and one hand dry-clean liquid rack are attached at the upper right side of trolley, while location can be adjustable according to the requirement. 

‧Two stepping trash boxes are attached under the lower right of trolley. 

‧Casters: Φ5” with dust proof hub, swivel casters *2, braking casters *2. 

‧Screen rack and extending keyboard stand are attached at the rear right side of trolley. 

‧Hooks are required to attach at the rear left of trolley for keeping a foldable chair (sitting level at 670㎜±3﹪ in height).

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