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WE563-1 Medicine trolley

《Product Introduce 》:

‧Body dimension: L600×W500×H1000㎜±5%

Top platel: Concave surface design, made of ABS plastic steel.

 Pull tab: Located at right upper side of the body, powder coated steel plate with ball type guideway attached.

Support: Dimension 50*50mm, Aluminum Alloy with anodizing treatment, high toughness and durability.

Side sealing plate: made of ABS plastic steel.

Drawer attached to the top panel

(1) The drawer height is 150mm, ABS plastic steel in material. Plastic steel partitioning plates are attached inside for freely partitioning.

(2) Drawer panel: Integrated with the handle, with hidden plastic steel fixer attached inside. A tag seat is attached for labeling the unit and drug name.

Two trays are attached under the drawer and made of plastic steel.

Two plastic steel are located in the left side of the body, and the dimension is L400*W150*H90㎜±1%.

Arack for containing hand sanitizer is located at the upper right side of the body and can be adjusted as required.

Two trash sack snaps are located at the lower right side of the body, and a lid and a bottom tray and a small handle are attached.

Cater: Configured  four ∮5” caster(two with brake and two swivel)

A display device with a bracket set and a stretchable keyboard container is mounted at rear right side of the body.

Hangers are needed to be mounted at rear left side of the body, where a foldable chair can be placed(the seat height 670㎜±5﹪)